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1. "Whole Building" Approach to Sustainable Design
The first sustainable solar community development in South Africa was one of 15 projects worldwide selected for presentation at the UN Global Warming Conference in ...
Category: Articles

2. Affordable by Design Building an Eco-House on a Tight Budget is No Longer an Impossible Dream
A small but dedicated crop of architects and developers is rethinking the concept of the eco-home to meet the needs of average folk who don't ...
Category: Articles

3. An Interview with Hans-Peter Becker Managing Director, Wilkhahn UK
The managing director of a German office furniture firm describes how to run a green business. ...
Category: Articles

4. Building on the Preservation of the Earth: Habitat Goes Green
Habitat for Humanity of Metro Denver incorporates green building practices into houses for low income homeowners. ...
Category: Articles

5. Chattanooga on a Roll From America's Dirtiest City to Its Greenest
By 1969, just before the first Earth Day, the Environmental Protection Agency had bestowed on Chattanooga a special award for being "the dirtiest city in ...
Category: Articles

6. Companies in The Rainforest
Rainforests are very important to life on Earth. Over half of all the world's animals are found in the rainforest, and one quarter of all ...
Category: Articles

7. Corporate Rights vs. Human Need
For many years, the potential market for baby foods and infant formula in the "developed" countries has been shrinking because birth rates have declined. Therefore, ...
Category: Articles

8. Establishing a Sustainable Design Practice in Architecture and Engineering
The article describes some of the pitfalls that must be overcome by sustainable designers. ...
Category: Articles

9. First Sustainable Tourism Planning Model
Ecoplan:net has joined with the Canadian Tourism Commission and the Kaska Tribal Council to develop a comprehensive Sustainable Tourism Planning and Development Model based on ...
Category: Articles

10. Genetically Altering The World's Food
On January 14, after an 8-year scientific review, Canada rejected Monsanto corporation's request for approval of its genetically altered milk hormone, rBGH, a drug that ...
Category: Articles

11. Green Building Goes Middle-Class
The AustinGreen Builder Program is the oldest and best recognized environmentalrating program for houses, and Legend Communities, Inc. is building theprogram's first and most advanced ...
Category: Articles

12. Green Living Center: Lighting
Appropriate lighting contributes to our comfort and our ability to work and thrive in the buildings we occupy. Our choice of lightbulbs and natural light ...
Category: Articles

13. Hazardous Materials Policy
Leading scientific societies say that the future promises irreversible environmental degradation and continued poverty for much of the world unless we control human population and ...
Category: Articles

14. In Earth's Company: Business, Environment
With each passing day, it is becoming increasingly clear that the strategy of environmental exploitation which characterized the 20th century is reaching the end of ...
Category: Articles

15. Kenaf: On the Fence
Following more than 40 years of research and millions invested (over $13 million since 1987 alone), the U.S. Department of Agriculture (USDA) is all but ...
Category: Articles

16. Low-Impact Commercial Complex in a Small Town
The Sustainable Technology Center (STC) in Friday Harbor, Washington aims to prove that renewable energy and other sustainable systems can be used cost - effectively ...
Category: Articles

17. Medicinal Treasures of the Rainforests
Covering only 6 percent of the Earth's surface, tropical moist forests contain at least half of all species. The abundant botanical resources of tropical forests ...
Category: Articles

18. Northwest Could Play Major Role Forming Business Solutions to Global Warming
As the threat of global warming looms over our collective horizon, business leaders and policy makers face the daunting task of how to best address ...
Category: Articles

19. Prescriptions For Green Cities
The interest in green buildings is beginning to merge with land-useplans for cities. The connection is clear: a building that has a reduced impact on ...
Category: Articles

20. Scientists Say Future Is In The Balance
In 1992, Sir Michael Atiyah, president of the Royal Society of London, and Dr. Frank Press, president of the U.S. National Academy of Sciences, issued ...
Category: Articles

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