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1. Biodiversity and What You Buy
Our everyday choices about what to buy and where to shop have a major effect on the environment. When combined with billions of consumer choices ...
Category: Articles

2. Do Garbage Incinerators Produce Air Pollution Harmful To Humans (Part 3)
People concerned about landfills and about 'mass burn' incinerators need to pay close attention to the toxic metal, lead. Many new studies show it is ...
Category: Articles

3. Dumping Computers Doesn't Compute!
Just bought a new computer? Now wondering what to do with the old one? Do not throw it out. Recycle your old electronic equipment, or ...
Category: Articles

4. Green Living Center: Diapers
Disposable diapers are not just clogging up our landfills with plastic and untreated human waste, they may also be harmful to your baby. ...
Category: Articles

5. Landfill Study Finds Low Birth Weight In Babies, Adult Cancers
A study of the health of residents living near the nation's No. 1 superfund site--the Lipari landfill in Pitman, NJ-revealed last week that excessive rates ...
Category: Articles

6. Leachate Collection Systems: The Achilles' Heel Of Landfills
Category: Articles

7. Leachate From Municipal Dumps Has Same Toxicity As Leachate From Hazardous Waste Dumps
In a new study, researchers at Texas A ...
Category: Articles

8. New Life For Old Carpets
The Carpet Industry has historically been one of the most wasteful in thebuilding sector, with billions of pounds of old carpet going into landfills every ...
Category: Articles

9. Pesticides Pose Greater Threat To U.S. Drinking Water Supplies Than Factories And Toxic Dumps
Environmental experts say the contamination of underground water supplies by runoff from farm chemicals is now happening across broad areas of the nation's breadbasket and ...
Category: Articles

10. Recycling Is Hampered; It Can't Compete With Low-Cost Landfills
In most U.S cities, landfills are priced artificially low in the sense that the full costs of operating the landfill are not reflected in the ...
Category: Articles

11. The Catch-22s Of Landfill Design
The waste hauling industry knows that all landfills will eventually leak because their own industry trade journals are now telling the story. WASTE AGE is ...
Category: Articles

12. The Producer Pays With Germany Leading the Way, Governments Are Taking a Hard Look at Packaging Waste-And Making Manufacturers Bear the Cost
With Germany Leading the Way, Governments Are Taking a Hard Look at Packaging Waste-And Making Manufacturers Bear the Cost ...
Category: Articles

13. What We Must Do -- Part 13 More On Pollution Prevention
After pollution has been prevented at the manufacturing site, we will still have the problem of consumer products being discarded. If these consumer products contain ...
Category: Articles

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