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    1. Biodiversity and What You Buy
    Our everyday choices about what to buy and where to shop have a major effect on the environment. When combined with billions of consumer choices ...
    Category: Articles

    2. Drilling To The Ends Of The Earth: The Case Against New Fossil Fuel Exploration
    The quest for oil has defined the twentieth century. Many still view oil as black gold, a resource to be exploited as economically and expediently ...
    Category: Articles

    3. What We Must Do -- Part 13 More On Pollution Prevention
    After pollution has been prevented at the manufacturing site, we will still have the problem of consumer products being discarded. If these consumer products contain ...
    Category: Articles

    4. Agency Urges Radon Testing On All NJ Homes North Of Trenton
    The US Environmental Protection Agency (EPA) has set the first home safety standard for radioactive radon gas, recommending that homeowners take action to reduce the ...
    Category: Articles

    5. Biodiversity and Your Energy Use
    We rarely think about energy use in environmental terms. Yet the way we use energy resources has a profound effect on the quality of the ...
    Category: Articles

    6. Despite What You May Suspect, The Danger From Radon Is Real
    The federal EPA (U.S. Environmental Protection Agency) announced in mid September 1988 that 1/3 of all U.S. homes may contain dangerous levels of radon, a ...
    Category: Articles

    7. Dioxin and Precaution
    Two years ago, in 1997, the International Agency for Research on Cancer (IARC) formally concluded that dioxin causes cancer in humans. IARC is a division ...
    Category: Articles

    8. Do Garbage Incinerators Produce Air Pollution Harmful To Humans (Part 2)
    Does burning municipal garbage produce air pollution that might harm humans? We know that "mass burn" or "trash to steam" plants produce dioxin. Part of ...
    Category: Articles

    9. Do Garbage Incinerators Produce Air Pollution Harmful To Humans (Part 3)
    People concerned about landfills and about 'mass burn' incinerators need to pay close attention to the toxic metal, lead. Many new studies show it is ...
    Category: Articles

    10. Dumping Computers Doesn't Compute!
    Just bought a new computer? Now wondering what to do with the old one? Do not throw it out. Recycle your old electronic equipment, or ...
    Category: Articles

    11. Environmental Regs
    It is possible to imagine that developing countries could adopt a different, less costly approach to reducing industrial pollution than that implemented by developed countries ...
    Category: Articles

    12. Excrement Happens -- Part 1
    Recently we came upon a history of the management of human excreta -- urine and feces -- starting back in the mists of time and ...
    Category: Articles

    13. Excrement Happens -- Part 2
    We are retelling the history of the management of human excrement as originally narrated by Abby A. Rockefeller. ...
    Category: Articles

    14. Facts about Oil
    Did you know that gasoline and most plastic products are made from oil? And did you know that much of this oil comes from the ...
    Category: Articles

    15. Grass Roots Environmental Groups Grapple With Real Issues Of Power, Says Dr. Commoner
    The traditional environmental movement has failed to halt the destruction of the environment. Over the past 15 years, air pollution has been reduced modestly but ...
    Category: Articles

    16. Green Living Center: Diapers
    Disposable diapers are not just clogging up our landfills with plastic and untreated human waste, they may also be harmful to your baby. ...
    Category: Articles

    17. Green Living Center: Fabrics
    In addition to the chemicals used in the manufacturing of textiles, the pesticides, chemical fertilizers, and herbicides used in growing cotton also adversely affect public ...
    Category: Articles

    18. Green Living Center: Landscaping and Gardening Your Home--The Basics
    Healthy landscaping and gardening starts with healthy soil. The quality of the soil directly affects the health of the plant and animal life it supports. ...
    Category: Articles

    19. Green Living Center: Radon
    Radon gas is released during the natural breakdown of radium in soil, rock and groundwater. In certain areas of the country, this gas enters into ...
    Category: Articles

    20. Hazardous Materials Policy
    Leading scientific societies say that the future promises irreversible environmental degradation and continued poverty for much of the world unless we control human population and ...
    Category: Articles

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