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Climate Change - Government Resources
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  • Displaying 1 - 16 of 16 resources in Climate Change and Government Resources:

    1. A Paleo Perspective on Global Warming
    Washington, DC, USA
    NOAA's Paleoclimatology Program is working with scientists from around the world to study past climate in hopes of achieving a better understanding of the Earth's ...
    Category: Government Resources

    2. Climate Change Belgium
    Brussels, Belgium
    Official climate change web pages of the Belgian federal environment administration ...
    Category: Government Resources

    3. Federal Department of the Environment - Climate Change
    Brussels, Belgium
    Official climate change web pages of the Belgian federal environment administration: publications, links, addresses, national and international official documents, legislation ... ...
    Category: Government Resources

    4. Fuel Economy Website
    Oak Ridge, TN, USA
    New fuel economy site provides mileage information for every model year 2000 car and light truck ...
    Category: Government Resources

    5. The El Nino Theme Page
    Seattle, WA, USA
    El Niņo is a disruption of the ocean-atmosphere system in the tropical Pacific having important consequences for weather around the globe. This page explains in ...
    Category: Government Resources

    6. Australian Greenhouse Office
    Everyone has a role to play in reducing greenhouse emissions that contribute to climate change. The Australian Greenhouse Office has a range of programs from ...
    Category: Government Resources

    7. EMS Info
    Ottawa, Ontario, Canada
    Provides information on environmental management systems, focusing on Canadian federal government resources. ...
    Category: Government Resources

    8. EPA Green Building
    Washington, DC, USA
    The new EPA Green Building Website is a "portal" site, designed to give users one convenient gateway from which to access numerous EPA programs and ...
    Category: Government Resources

    9. Million Solar Roofs Initiative
    Washington, DC, USA
    Will enable businesses and communities to install solar panels on one million rooftops across the United States by 2010. ...
    Category: Government Resources

    10. Ministerio del Ambiente de Venezuela
    Caracas, DF, Venezuela
    Ministry of Environment and Renewable Resources of Venezuela ...
    Category: Government Resources

    11. National Climatic Data Center
    A national resource for climate information ...
    Category: Government Resources

    12. National Oceanic and Atmospheric Administration Environmental Information Services
    Silver Spring, MD, USA
    NOAA Environmental Information Services provides information about organizations, on-line systems,data sets, and other products available from NOAA from the data centers and other NOAA dataproviders ...
    Category: Government Resources

    13. NOAA Environmental Information Databases
    A search engine that allows users to discover NOAA environmental information (oceanography, meteorology, geophysics, climate, etc.) and to graphically display and download it. ...
    Category: Government Resources

    14. NOAA Web Site
    Promoting global environmental stewardship in order to conserve andwisely manage the Nation`s marine and coastal resources ...
    Category: Government Resources

    15. State Environmental Goals and Indicators Project
    SEGIP assists state environmental agencies in improving their environmental management capabilities by providing procedural, technical and limited financial assistance. ...
    Category: Government Resources

    16. Sustainable Development Networking Programme (India)
    New Delhi, New Delhi, India
    SDNP is a gateway to information on sustainable development on a gamut of issues ranging from agriculture to clean technology to health and human rights. ...
    Category: Government Resources

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