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    21. Indigenous Rights Activists Murdered
    Three American human rights activists were murdered March 5 in northeastern Arauca province in Colombia, South America, where they had traveled at the invitation of ...
    Category: Articles

    22. Landfill Study Finds Low Birth Weight In Babies, Adult Cancers
    A study of the health of residents living near the nation's No. 1 superfund site--the Lipari landfill in Pitman, NJ-revealed last week that excessive rates ...
    Category: Articles

    23. Leachate Collection Systems: The Achilles' Heel Of Landfills
    Category: Articles

    24. Leachate From Municipal Dumps Has Same Toxicity As Leachate From Hazardous Waste Dumps
    In a new study, researchers at Texas A ...
    Category: Articles

    25. New Life For Old Carpets
    The Carpet Industry has historically been one of the most wasteful in thebuilding sector, with billions of pounds of old carpet going into landfills every ...
    Category: Articles

    26. Pesticides Pose Greater Threat To U.S. Drinking Water Supplies Than Factories And Toxic Dumps
    Environmental experts say the contamination of underground water supplies by runoff from farm chemicals is now happening across broad areas of the nation's breadbasket and ...
    Category: Articles

    27. Phytoremediation: A Green Solution to Pollution
    Plants may be the raw material of the future for everything from fibers to fuels, but in the meantime they're busy mending the mistakes of ...
    Category: Articles

    28. Razing Appalachia
    WV, USA
    First they dug out the land. Then they strip mined it. Now Big Coal is leveling the mountains themselves--and tearing communities apart. ...
    Category: Articles

    29. Recycling Is Hampered; It Can't Compete With Low-Cost Landfills
    In most U.S cities, landfills are priced artificially low in the sense that the full costs of operating the landfill are not reflected in the ...
    Category: Articles

    30. Studying A Town To Death
    Lompoc, California is a small city of 42,000 people that lies within a valley along California's central coast, about 100 miles above Los Angeles. Lompoc ...
    Category: Articles

    31. The Catch-22s Of Landfill Design
    The waste hauling industry knows that all landfills will eventually leak because their own industry trade journals are now telling the story. WASTE AGE is ...
    Category: Articles

    32. The Producer Pays With Germany Leading the Way, Governments Are Taking a Hard Look at Packaging Waste-And Making Manufacturers Bear the Cost
    With Germany Leading the Way, Governments Are Taking a Hard Look at Packaging Waste-And Making Manufacturers Bear the Cost ...
    Category: Articles

    33. The U'wa People's Struggle Against Big Oil
    The U'wa are an indigenous community of 5,0001 that has lived in the cloudforests of the Colombian Andes for thousands of years. At the heart ...
    Category: Articles

    34. The Waning Days of Risk Assessment
    Risk assessment is a decision-making technique that first came into use during the presidency of Jimmy Carter, who was trained as a nuclear engineer. At ...
    Category: Articles

    35. Waste Reduction Or Reduction In Our Use Of Toxics
    Everyone now knows that everything must go somewhere (including all the raw materials we mine from the ground and send to our factories) . We ...
    Category: Articles

    36. What We Must Do -- 4: A License To Pollute
    Our series, What We Must Do, is describing the root causes of the toxics problem in America. The waste haulers serve as frontline soldiers, disposing ...
    Category: Articles

    37. What We Must Do -- Part 10 No Dumping Allowed
    For the most part, our readers are not legislative lobbyists or armchair environmentalists; they are grass roots activists struggling in the trenches to protect their ...
    Category: Articles

    38. What We Must Do -- Part 12: Industrial Pollution Prevention
    Everyone agrees that pollution prevention makes more sense than pollution cleanup or control. If you never make pollution to begin with, you don't need an ...
    Category: Articles

    39. What We Must Do -- Part 7; Toxics In Your Drinking Water: When Did People Know It Was Bad
    When someone in industry claims that they contributed to the creation of a Superfund site by dumping toxics into the ground, but did it out ...
    Category: Articles

    40. What We Must Do -- Part 8 What The Poisoners Knew In 1961
    We first looked at the waste industry which buries poisonous chemicals in the ground for the producers of those chemicals; now we are looking at ...
    Category: Articles

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