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    21. Putting the Eco Back in Economics
    An auto company being honored for environmental responsibility? It seemed inconceivable. ...
    Category: Articles

    22. Recycling Is Hampered; It Can't Compete With Low-Cost Landfills
    In most U.S cities, landfills are priced artificially low in the sense that the full costs of operating the landfill are not reflected in the ...
    Category: Articles

    23. Scientists Say Future Is In The Balance
    In 1992, Sir Michael Atiyah, president of the Royal Society of London, and Dr. Frank Press, president of the U.S. National Academy of Sciences, issued ...
    Category: Articles

    24. Sustainable Development in the United States: An Experimental Set of Indicators
    What does sustainable development really mean? How do we know if we are making progress? And what measures are most useful in evaluating our progress? ...
    Category: Articles

    25. Taxes for Sustainability
    Sustainability means satisfying human needs fairly and without destroying the ecosystems that support life. The conflict between modern economies and the natural environment lies at ...
    Category: Articles

    26. The 1997 Corporate Conscience Awards
    The Council On Economic Priorities'(CEP) Corporate Conscience Awards recognizes innovative corporate commitment that goes far beyond requirements and regulations to demonstrate "Leadership for a Better ...
    Category: Articles

    27. The Lottery
    Whenever I walk by the drug store in my neighborhood, or the 7-11 or the liquor store, I see a line of people waiting patiently ...
    Category: Articles

    28. The New Economics of Ecology: Why The 'Green Bottom Line' Works for Business
    It's all too easy to think of industry as the enemy when 'the environment' is mentioned in the same sentence. Multinational corporations command huge facilities, ...
    Category: Articles

    29. Wealth and Health
    The environmental movement is missing the boat on the biggest public health issue of our time. Thirty years of scientific research have established that the ...
    Category: Articles

    30. Wild Profits: How Multinationals are Restoring Habitat and Saving Money
    Companies are finding that it's beneficial to employees and operations budgets to restore corporate lands into viable wildlife habitats. ...
    Category: Articles

    31. Working Assets' Green Energy Program Feels the Heat
    Is there really any such thing as "green" energy? ...
    Category: Articles

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