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    21. An Interview with Hans-Peter Becker Managing Director, Wilkhahn UK
    The managing director of a German office furniture firm describes how to run a green business. ...
    Category: Articles

    22. Beyond Wood
    Most of us don't think of ourselves as paper gluttons, but the average American consumes 681 pounds of the stuff every year, adding up to ...
    Category: Articles

    23. Case Study Of A Garbage Burner: Booby Traps For Politicians
    When a local government proposes to solve the garbage crisis by building an incinerator, critics say, (1) it will be far costlier than you're being ...
    Category: Articles

    24. Dioxin and Precaution
    Two years ago, in 1997, the International Agency for Research on Cancer (IARC) formally concluded that dioxin causes cancer in humans. IARC is a division ...
    Category: Articles

    25. Do Garbage Incinerators Produce Air Pollution Harmful To Humans (Part 2)
    Does burning municipal garbage produce air pollution that might harm humans? We know that "mass burn" or "trash to steam" plants produce dioxin. Part of ...
    Category: Articles

    26. Do Garbage Incinerators Produce Air Pollution Harmful To Humans (Part 3)
    People concerned about landfills and about 'mass burn' incinerators need to pay close attention to the toxic metal, lead. Many new studies show it is ...
    Category: Articles

    27. Dr. Allen Hershkowitz Waist Deep in Garbage
    Dr. Allen Hershkowitz, senior scientist at the Natural Resources Defense Council (NRDC), has spent the last 20 years up to his neck in garbage. The ...
    Category: Articles

    28. Fuel Emissions and Labor Unions
    The American Prospect features Natasha Hunter's investigation of the ties between the Teamsters and Bush's energy and fuel emissions policy. ...
    Category: Articles

    29. Hazardous Waste Incinerators
    Across the country, citizen groups are fighting the introduction of hazardous waste incinerators into their neighborhoods. Are there good reasons to oppose such an incinerator ...
    Category: Articles

    30. Infant Death Rates Fall After US Nuclear Reactors Close
    Infant mortality rates around five US nuclear power reactors dropped almost immediately after the reactors closed, according to a new study released Wednesday on the ...
    Category: Articles

    31. New Study Shows Incinerator Ash More Dangerous Than We Realized
    A new study by a team of engineers at Rutgers, the state university of New Jersey, shows that municipal incinerator ash is more dangerous than ...
    Category: Articles

    32. New Technical Study Criticizes Epa's Incinerator Regulations
    A new technical paper presented at a recent meeting of the Air Pollution Control Association (but not yet published) strongly criticizes the U.S. Environmental Protection ...
    Category: Articles

    33. Northwest Could Play Major Role Forming Business Solutions to Global Warming
    As the threat of global warming looms over our collective horizon, business leaders and policy makers face the daunting task of how to best address ...
    Category: Articles

    34. Oz Farm News
    Fast, efficient and comprehensive news and information service on Australian Farming and Regional Communities. Rapid access to over 100 topics on farming, livestock, crops, food, ...
    Category: Articles

    35. Recycling Breakthrough Reported
    A breakthrough has occurred in the recycling of household wastes, such that incineration projects will now be very much on the defensive. New evidence shows ...
    Category: Articles

    36. Scientists Study How 'Mass Burn' Incinerators Produce Dioxin (Part 4)
    When municipal garbage goes into a "mass burn" incinerator, one of the products that goes out the smokestack (or is trapped by a filter and ...
    Category: Articles

    37. Tapping the Sustainability Market
    Ecological sustainability will be a key strategic driver for business over the next two decades ...
    Category: Articles

    38. The Coolest Cars
    What do consumers really want in a car -- and what do they really need? An update on Americans, SUV's, and energy. ...
    Category: Articles

    39. The CVX Decision: A Rare Opportunity
    In the U.S., many people think nuclear power is dead because it proved to be too expensive and too unmanageable. In this view, the fuel ...
    Category: Articles

    40. The Major Cause of Cancer--Part 1
    When Wilhelm Roentgen first discovered X-rays, in 1895, "doctors and physicians saw the practical potential of X-rays at once, and rushed to experiment with them." ...
    Category: Articles

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