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    21. Three New Reports Describe Our Destruction Of The Ocean's Fish
    Eating fish is good for you, if the fish you eat are not polluted. Fish are high in protein, and fish oil helps prevent heart ...
    Category: Articles

    22. Against The Grain
    A new book by Marc Lappe and Britt Bailey, AGAINST THE GRAIN, makes it clear that genetic engineering is revolutionizing U.S. agriculture almost overnight. ...
    Category: Articles

    23. Against The Grain, Part 2
    The corporations that are introducing genetically modified crops into the global ecosystem want you to think of genetic engineering as a well-understood science similar to ...
    Category: Articles

    24. Green Living Center: Bedding
    All traditional mattresses, futons, mattress pads, and furniture filling made in the US, by law, must be treated with fire retardant chemical finishes. However, there ...
    Category: Articles

    25. Green Living Center: Designing Safe For Children
    From birth, babies and young children are building their immune systems. Exposure to toxic materials can hinder development and cause long term problems to their ...
    Category: Articles

    26. Green Living Center: Diapers
    Disposable diapers are not just clogging up our landfills with plastic and untreated human waste, they may also be harmful to your baby. ...
    Category: Articles

    27. Hidden Costs of Animal Factories
    As the U.S. discards its family farms and in their place erects factory farms, we might consider the costs. Here we will consider only one ...
    Category: Articles

    28. Kenaf: On the Fence
    Following more than 40 years of research and millions invested (over $13 million since 1987 alone), the U.S. Department of Agriculture (USDA) is all but ...
    Category: Articles

    29. Mad Cow Disease and Humans
    When a new form of an old human disease appeared in England in 1995, some medical specialists immediately suspected that it might be a human ...
    Category: Articles

    30. Natural Food Merchandiser's Annual Market Overview
    Examines retail sales in the natural foods market for 1996. ...
    Category: Articles

    31. Old MacDonald Had a Fish
    Most Americans would be surprised to discover their last seafood meal may have been raised on a farm, not caught at sea. Declines in wild ...
    Category: Articles

    32. Pesticides and Aggression
    For the past 25 years, tens of millions of Americans in hundreds of cities and towns have been drinking tap water that is contaminated with ...
    Category: Articles

    33. Pesticides Pose Greater Threat To U.S. Drinking Water Supplies Than Factories And Toxic Dumps
    Environmental experts say the contamination of underground water supplies by runoff from farm chemicals is now happening across broad areas of the nation's breadbasket and ...
    Category: Articles

    34. Preferring the Least Harmful Way
    March 23, 1999, the Los Angeles Unified School District adopted a path-breaking new policy on pesticides in schools. The City of Los Angeles operates the ...
    Category: Articles

    35. Rainforest Alliance Awards Seal Of Approval To El Jute
    A Guatemalan coffee farm has earned the first ECO-O.K. seal of approval from the Rainforest Alliance, an international conservation group based here. The "Certified Eco-Friendly" ...
    Category: Articles

    36. Soul Disposed
    Once her garbage had a name. Now she fears it as a spirit. ...
    Category: Articles

    37. Sustainability and Ag Biotech
    How will genetically modified seeds, crops and foods affect the sustainability of U.S. agriculture? During 1999, agricultural economist Charles Benbrook tried to answer that question. ...
    Category: Articles

    38. Taxes for Sustainability
    Sustainability means satisfying human needs fairly and without destroying the ecosystems that support life. The conflict between modern economies and the natural environment lies at ...
    Category: Articles

    39. The Honorable Schoolbag: Healthy, Earth-Friendly Back-to-School Choices
    This Green Guide Back-to-School Report Card is designed to help you avoid all the bad stuff -- sweatshop labor, toxic chemicals, damaging environmental impacts -- ...
    Category: Articles

    40. The Modern-Day Island of Dr. Moreau
    In 1996, the movie version of H.G. Wells' science-fiction classic The Island of Dr. Moreau, an eerie tale about a deranged scientist who performs gene-splicing ...
    Category: Articles

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