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Spectrum of Light March

The mission of the Spectrum of Light Youth March in Washington,D.C. is to form partnerships between youth and adult leaders for the purpose of focusing on environmental education, environmental action, and public service. We encourage youth to become active and responsible citizens through our High T.E.C.H. network, our Kids Care civic action program, and by fostering a dialogue between youth and Congress. The Spectrum of Light hopes to demonstrate to legislators that there is a growing constituency of concerned, motivated, and knowledgable youth.
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9007 Lambskin Lane
Columbia , MD 21045
E-Mail: slym@erols.com
Website: http://users.erols.com/slym/

Detailed Information:
The Spectrum of Light Youth March wants to inspire large numbers of kids of diverse backgrounds to learn about and care for the environment. We encourage the use of technology as an interactive teaching and learning tool for the purpose of establishing partnerships that will encourage youth to seek higher levels of education and set career goals.

The Spectrum of Light Youth March leads youth to become active and responsible citizens through a constructive community service component. Our "Kids Care" program will highlight the beneficial contributions kids make to our communities. We want to show the nation and world the thousands of students who everyday dispel the undeserved, unasked for title of "Generation X".

The Spectrum of Light Youth March recognizes the need for an expanded definition of the word "environment" to include not just conditions in the natural world, but also those conditions that affect us all directly or indirectly in homes, schools, and on the streets of our towns and cities.

This country was once thought of as a "melting pot". Built on the many dreams and aspirations of people from foreign lands who brought their skills, their languages and cultures to "form a more perfect union".

Today, as we approach the New Millennium, as Americans all, the need for a new perspective for our society has never been more universally accepted. We suggest, SPECTRUM OF LIGHT. Let us become a bright and shining example, let our many hues light a path into the future.

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