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National Parks in VA threatened

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Website: http://virginia.sierraclubaction.org/r.asp?aacwc=33231245997510761

Detailed Information:
Please take a moment to drop a line to your senators and resentative by clicking here:

Please take action by Monday, August 26, 2002.


Please forward to fellow Virginians!

The Issues:

New Gas Drilling, Power lines and Logging Threaten Virginia's George Washington and Jefferson National Forests


It's not just the Arctic National Wildlife refuge at Risk! Across these United States, the Bush Administration is opening up our National Forests to extractive industries for oil and gas drilling, pipelines and powerlines, and increased logging.

In Virginia, Our George Washington and Jefferson Forests face a triple threat!

First, AEP, one of the most polluting electric power producers, wants to push a power line through the Jefferson National Forest so it can burn 5 million more tons of coal in its dirtiest power plants.

Second, the Forest Service proposes to open up the North Fork of the Pound Roadless Area, also the Jefferson NF, to natural gas drilling. Eleven miles of roads and 12 miles of pipelines would mar this highly scenic area that had been proposed for protection before the Bush Administration came to Washington.

Third, on Hoover Creek, in the George Washington National Forest, old growth forest is up for sale to the highest bidder.


Virginians, across our Commonwealth, must unite and demand that our Congressional Delegation reverse this hostile corporate take over of our National Forests where millions of us hike, camp, hunt, fish, bird watch and enjoy nature.

Sample Letter:

The link above has a pre-written letter by the Sierra Club, but here is a copy of the letter I sent. 

Feel free to use parts of it or modify its language.

Dear Law Maker,


I have just been notified by the Sierra Club of Virginia of some proposals to open up Virginia's George Washington and Jefferson National Forests to gas drilling, a new powerline and logging.


This is outrageous!  Our parks represent the last public lands that offer millions of people (Virginians, as well as visitors) an opportunity to experience the natural beauty of Virginia's diverse geography. 


We need the leadership of progressive politicians willing to step-up to challenges from the federal government.  Voting against gas drilling, logging, and powerlines-- not only helps to preserve Virginia's beauty and natural resources but also sends a potent message to the federal government that people are unwilling to put up with "business as usual."  We need to work more strenuously toward freeing ourselves from our dependence on fossil fuels and nuclear power.  We need to promote renewable energy sources such as geo-thermal, wind, solar, and hydro-electric power.


I urge you to contact William Damon, Supervisor of the George Washington and Jefferson National Forests and tell him to stop a gas drilling proposal in the North Fork of the Pound Roadless Area and a new AEP powerline both in the Jefferson National Forest as well as proposed logging of old growth forest on Hoover Creek in the George Washington National Forest.


Thank you for your time and consideration.


"World War III will be a guerrilla information war, with no division between military and civilian participation."

 -- Marshall McLuhan

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